Envisioned to become an enduring structure-preserving map between Business Values and AI Research.



Maximize the extraction of latent intelligence in voice data to add voice to every automation.



To come up with Voice AI frameworks that serve as the base for industries by bringing efficient, effective, and engaging solutions.


Why do we do it?


The most easier and natural way of conversation happens through speech. We firmly believe that every automation will have a voice-enabled system that could interact and assist humans naturally. With the ascending surge of communications happening in diverse languages, leveraging the knowledge from these voice data could be of principal significance. 


What do we do?


At FAI, we make AI useful by enabling Speech-based and NLP solutions that simplify interactions and extract hidden meaningful cognizances by taking the most difficult challenge the world faces. We build custom voice-analytics frameworks and provide services to companies who require sound for their automation. Built on the foundation of FAI-Core, FAI provides voice-based intelligent services that remain unmatched in the industry. By pushing boundaries and amplifying our skill sets, we thrive in bringing the best in each other.