Turn large volume of recorded conversations into actionable insights. Quantify your customer experience and unify your agent performance for the best service delivery. Our FAI-Core modules helps you to deliver optimized conversation with high customer satisfaction through Agent Matching, Pattern Discovery, Personalized Automation, Topic Collation and more.


Empower your real time physical and virtual agents with collective intelligence, which is derived using FAI-Insights. Helps your agents with best of handling the customer calls. Experience the reduced average handle time with increased customer satisfaction and net promoter score. A backbone for your automated processes to notify when to fall back.


An omni-channel intelligence virtual agent, that takes care of repetitive and  cognitive-load reduced customer enquiries. Lets your physical agents take care of the more productive tasks, the virtual agent takes care of the your customer queries with the support of FAI-Insights and FAI-Assist


Deep Learning powered APIs benchmarked with state-of-the-art results. Has the capability of handling English and the majority of the Indian languages with minimal development efforts. It includes Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Sentiment, Speech-to-ID, and Speech-to-Profiles.